Have you ever wondered how they get those quotes or thoughts on a picture?  Why can’t you do it too?  You can….. and you do not have to pay someone to do it.  You have the pictures, you have the cool thoughts or even quotes you just want to share.  Who has time to go looking for the perfect image and the perfect words.

JAZZ UP your own pictures yourself.

I have already taken the above picture of the moose standing in the field.  Nice …… but something was missing..   I added a quote that made the picture jump out at you!         BOOM from simple picture to SIMPLY OUTSTANDING PICTURE!


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Watch as I share how I created and shared right from my ipad.

What You’ll Need:

WordSwag App on Iphone or Ipad

Picture saved on your Iphone or Ipad (recommend a picture you took)

A saying, quote, or thought you want to share on the picture

Your website (if you have one)





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Find Your Passion and Run with it

Cheri Shapley


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