Empowering Your Hidden Gem

Ten years ago I wore glasses to see.

Busy with life and my kids and family.

No time for me.

Everyone else came first.

Even though I had glasses I could not see what was happening to me.

I was tired.


My asthma was not good. I had many attacks of difficulty breathing. I would be the one taking the pictures, because that way, I was not in the picture. I’d hide behind the camera. I hated pictures of me.


My SECRET Weapon, this worked for me when nothing else did.

Life was creeping up on me. I was looking old at only 45.

I hit a wall. Following what I was told to do. I felt like the walking dead.

Do “this” they say, you will feel better.

Well it did not work in my case.

Take this, oops then that goes wrong. Well then Take this to fix that. Oops others things out of whack.


There has to be a better way!

It was far past time to take 100% responsibility for me. For what I allowed to enter, consume, hear, see, smell and touch my body.

I knew then that I was the only one that could fix me.



Am I turning back the hands of time ten years later?

Can I breathe?

Do I decide what I will allow in my body?

I know the changes in me. I know the energy and passion I have regained. All naturally.

Will I continue to regain my healthy and youth?

You have a choice, sit back and watch me or join me on the road to regaining what you have lost.

June 11, 2017


I love that my secret weapon along with all I’ve learned as I’ve developed and shared “Empowering Your Hidden Gem”, has helped me on my journey towards working from home — so that I often enjoy views like this one of my horses ALL day long!

My SECRET Weapon, this worked for me when nothing else did.


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